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What is Income Protection?

Income protection insurance is a type of policy that would make regular payments to you in the vent you have a loss of income due to a medium to long-term illness, injury or disability.

The payment of benefits only begins after a deferred period, a set period of time described in the policy document. A shorter deferred period usually means premium will cost you more. Before you make a decision on the deferred period, check if your employer offers sick pay and if so, how much and for how long.

The amount of income insured can be decided upon when taking out the policy. This is usually 66% or 75% of your earnings before you became ill or disabled, less any other income you get while out of work, such as sick pay, and single person’s social welfare illness benefit – if you are entitled to it. Payment usually lasts until you can return to work or reach the age threshold of the benefit cessation age described in the policy.

Do I Need Income Protection?

Income protection would be worth considering if you are self employed with no other source of income, have little paid sick leave from your employer or you do not have sufficient benefits to replace any potentially lost income.

Before taking out an income protection policy you should check if there are any other benefits you might be entitled to such as social welfare payments, sick pay or ill health retirement pension plans.

Costs will usually depend on your job, the level of cover you want, your age, health, medical history and lifestyle choices, ie smoking and drinking.

Call Lloyds Insurances today 01 531 0900 for a quote on income protection or request a quote online and we’ll take it from there!

Do I need mortgage protection insurance

Mortgage protection insurance pays out a lump sum which is sufficiently large enough to pay off the outstanding debt if you die before the end of your mortgage term.

Policies can be taken out in joint names and if one of the policies holders dies the policy benefit is paid directly to the lender and if there is an amount left over this can pass to the joint holder.


Mortgage lenders will require you to have a policy in place before you can draw down your mortgage.

As insurance brokers we are not tied to any particular bank or institute. We will research the market on your behalf and advise you on the options available.

Its important that you get the best value and highest quality mortgage protection cover available. We aim to always offer the best coverage at competitive prices.

At Lloyds we can offer mortgage protection on a dual lie basis for the same price as joint life. This would get you double the cover at no extra cost.

Call Lloyds today 01 531 0900 or request a quote online for advice on mortgage protection.

Starting your pension

Reasons to start your pension contributions

For many people their pension will be their second largest asset after their home. In order to have the home we want, many people have to take out mortgages. None of us want to be putting a mortgage repayment into our pension, so we should really plan for our retirement as early as possible. Listed below are ten reasons to invest in a pension

  • You will save tax on pension contributions, on any investment growth and on income in retirement (within limits)
  • Your income could drop by up to 70% in retirement as the maximum state pension (contributory) is ~€12,000 a year while the average wage is ~€35,000 a year
  • You may need an income for up to 30 years or more when you retire. This could amount to up to a third of your life, so it makes sense to start saving early.
  • If you do qualify for the state pension you could be 68 before you receive it as the qualifying age is changing from 65 to 68. That is a potential shortfall of ~€25,000 per year for 3 years.
  • Starting pension contributions early can have a significant impact on your retirement fund.
  • Higher rate tax payers can potentially benefit from up to 40% in tax relief on every €1 saved. A €100 contribution only costs you €60! If you pay at the standard rate you can benefit from 20% tax relief.
  • A pension can give you access to a wide range of investment funds which can give your money potential for growth over the longer term.
  • At retirement you may be able to take a retirement lump sum, tax free, subject to a limit of €200,000
  • Investment choice, choose from a wide range of investment funds from global investment specialists.
  • The sooner you start the better. Even if you are older its not too late. You can claim tax relief on a higher percentage of your earnings so there may still be time to catch up.

Reasons to use a broker

Pensions used to be a lot simpler than they are today. You didn’t have the same range of products to pick from. You might have had a choice of only 4 or 5 funds to invest in and at retirement, you only had to decide if you were taking or leaving the lump sum. With the remainder you got a pension for as long as you lived.


Today there are a confusing number of Pension products to choose from. You could have to pick from up to 40 different funds, and when you retire, there are several options to pick from, some with terms and conditions attached, just to add to the confusion.


This is why you need your Broker to help you identify the right Pensions savings plan, assist in picking the right fund, meet you regularly to ensure your plans are kept in line with any changes in your circumstances, and eventually, guide you through your options in retirement.

Call Lloyds today 01 531 0900 or request a quote online for best advice on flexible options on Pensions and Investments in Ireland.


Restaurant Insurance Ireland

Importance of restaurant insurance

Restaurants are fast-paced establishments with no two days being alike. There are many potential for things to go wrong in the kitchen and on the dining room floor because there is so much going on. Restaurant insurance can help protect your business from some of the more frequent threats it may face.

Insuring your business through Lloyds Insurances can cut costs while still providing the most comprehensive policy on the market.

You can get a policy specifically tailored to your needs, with a dedicated team member to deal with your queries or claims throughout the year.

Our policies include:

  • Employers Liability up to 13 million
  • Public liability up to 6.5 million
  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Stock
  • Fire, perils, threat
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of licence
  • Entertainment and night club cover
  • Optional legal expenses cover

Why use a Broker?

Using a good insurance broker will take the hassle from the process of finding the best policy for your business that covers everything you need it to cover. We at Lloyds research and compare the best value policies on the current market to ensure the following:

  • Adequate cover for your staff and customers
  • Best value for money policies
  • Up to date advice to cover coronavirus related issues
  • We advice on risk management
  • We handle claims for you
  • Fast turnaround.

Call Lloyds Insurances today 01 531 0900 for a quote on restaurant insurance or request a quote online and we’ll take it from there!

Do I Need Liability Insurance

“Liability insurance” or “third party insurance” is the term used to describe a product that provides the insured party protection against claims arising from injury or damage to a third party or their property.

Any legal expenses and payouts that an insured party is accountable for if they are proven legally liable are covered by liability insurance plans. Liability insurance, unlike other forms of insurance, pays third parties rather than policyholders.

Every type of business need some form of liability insurance. Liability insurance is required if you work as a tradesperson, operate a shop, office, or factory, or organize an event.

The main types of liability insurances that can be purchased are

Public Liability

The purpose of public liability insurance is to protect your company in the event that you are sued by a third party who claims they have suffered a loss as a consequence of negligence.

Employers liability

Employers Liability Insurance protects your company against legal liability in the event of an employee’s accident, illness, disease, or death while on the job.

Products liability

Product Responsibility Policy offers coverage for legal liability resulting in injury, loss, or damage as a result of items sold or provided, or labor or services performed in the course of your business, up to the amount of coverage specified during any one insurance term.


Call Lloyds Insurances today 01 531 0900 for a quote on liability insurance or request a quote online and we’ll take it from there!

Builders And Trades Insurances in Ireland

Specialist insurance is mandatory for those working as a builder, contractor or other trade in Ireland. In addition, building and the trades are high risk professions, which make securing appropriate and comprehensive insurance essential.

The risk associated with construction based jobs is exacerbated by the fact that the work often takes place in public or in other people’s homes. Appropriate insurance will cover any damage done to their client’s property. Without appropriate insurance you could find yourself missing out on clients or losing significant income to repairs or accidental damage to client’s property.

What type of cover do I need?

At Lloyds Insurances we can provide you with a combined builder’s insurance policy. This is an insurance policy specially designed for builders others working on a contract site.

This includes contractors all risk cover, which can provide you with cover for contract works, own plant, hired-in plant and employee’s tools. A combined builders insurance policy also includes three essential liabilities.

  • Employer liability
  • Product liability
  • Public liability

At Lloyds Insurances we search for the best policies and prices for our clients. This takes the hassle out of searching for the best deal and saves our clients time and money.

Call Lloyds Insurances today 01 531 0900 for a quote on Insurance for Builders & Allied Trades or request a quote online and we’ll take it from there!

Do I need life insurance?

Life insurance is not something that you should avoid or delay considering. You or the people that depend on you could need life insurance at any time.

But how do you find out what policy is for you and why exactly would it be necessary or beneficial for you?

Why do you need life insurance?

Insurance in general is a means to manage and minimise risk. Different outcomes and events can have different probability to occur and different financial consequences. Life insurance does not insure you against a potential risk; it insures you against a certainty; death.

Usually life insurance is necessary to aid any dependents you have that would be negatively financially impacted by your death. Life insurance can be a way for your dependents to pay off a large debt or mortgage on a home or asset you wish to bequeath in your will.

If you have a spouse, children or other dependents then you probably don’t want them to have to change their lifestyle, deal with financial uncertainty or even having to move, losing their home as well as a loved one. Life insurance can help cover all of these worries. Life insurance can ensure that dependents are able to keep the family home and can even cover regular cost of living expenses and plans for the future.

A life insurance policy could still be useful even if you are a single person with no dependents. It can help cover debts and unavoidable end of life expenses such as funeral arrangements. Life insurance can also allow you to leave behind money to any other loved ones.


Call Lloyds today 01 531 0900 for best advice on flexible options on Life Assurance Protection Cover in Ireland or request a quote online.

Pub Insurance Ireland

With the recent announcement by the government on the 21st September reopening of pubs in Ireland which do not serve food, now is an important time to look at your pub insurance requirements if you are an owner. The coronavirus pandemic has cause unprecedented upheaval in all areas of life and the pub industry is no exception. Pubs and restaurants have been having difficulty with insurance companies paying out for loses made during the pandemic when establishments were forced to close by government order. Some test cases are due in court in the coming months and it will be interesting to see the outcome and if Ireland’s 1,000 or so pubs can claim for income losses as a result of the pandemic.

Lloyds insurance brokers have been following developments and are in a position to advise on the best A – Rated policies to protect your premises in these difficult times.

Why insure your pub?

Pubs are public buildings within which the safety of your customers is paramount. Pubs are also businesses with an income which needs to be protected. A good pub insurance policy should include the following:

  • Perils cover on building, stock and furnishings
  • Employers liability
  • Public and products liability
  • Consequential loss cover (loss of earnings cover)
  • Business interruption
  • Theft
  • Glass and money.

Why use a Broker?

Using a good insurance broker will take the hassle from the process of finding the best policy for your business that covers everything you need it to cover. We at Lloyds research and compare the best value policies on the current market to ensure the following:

  • Adequate cover for your staff and customers
  • Best value for money policies
  • Up to date advice to cover coronavirus related issues
  • We advice on risk management
  • We handle claims for you
  • Fast turnaround.

The Benefits of using an Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker Vs Insuring Directly:

Below are listed some benefits of using an insurance broker such as Lloyds over insuring directly with an insurance company, bank or building society:

An insurance broker is not biased towards any particular provider so can pick the best option for their client whereas the client takes full responsibility for coverage decisions and any mistakes made if they insure directly.

Client Relationship
It is easier for a client to build an ongoing relationship and loyalty with a broker as they spend time getting to know clients and how to serve them best over a long period.  Larger insurance companies cannot offer the same level of personal attention. With larger insurance companies, clients may talk to a different call centre operator each time they need advice/help.

Claims Service
Brokers manage the process and stress of making a claim on the clients behalf whereas with an insurance company, the client must manage the process themselves, often in a crisis situation. Clients are often left confused and upset at claim conflicts that may arise.

Best Prices
Perhaps the biggest benefit of using an insurance broker is the fact that they search for the best prices, value and benefits for clients. Brokers take the hassle out of searching around for the best policies, saving the client the time and money doing it themselves.

Policy Choice
Brokers have full and easier access to the entire insurance market when choosing the best option for a client. An insurance company can only offer their own product.

Professional Advice
A broker will offer detailed reasons why they recommend one product over another and are at hand to offer professional advice at every step. An insurance institution can only offer advice on their own product.

Simple Language
The insurance industry is famously jargon filled and often direct insurance provider policies are difficult if not impossible to understand. Larger insurance companies may not take the time to explain the intricacies of a policy to a client. Insurance brokers have made a point of speaking in laymen’s terms when dealing with clients and letting them know in plain English what the best options and actions are.

Market Service Standards
Brokers will be used to dealing with multiple different insurance companies and will be used to the service standards of each so can better ensure the best company to go with in terms of service, price and benefits to the client. Once a client chooses their own insurance company, you are at the mercy of that provider and their level of service.

Broker Commission Explained:

A broker’s commission or remuneration is a fee paid to brokers for the placement of business with a particular insurance institution. In return for this fee the broker provides the following:

  • Proposing the risk
  • Assisting the insurer with any information required in relation to risk
  • Incepting the policy and handling all policy documentation for the consumer on behalf of the insurer
  • Notifying the consumer of policy renewal dates
  • Collecting the fee/premium from the consumer on behalf of the insurer
  • Handling premiums and managing a dedicated premium account for onwards transmission to insurers
  • Ensuring broker staff are qualified to give advice on the insurer’s behalf
  • Bear compliance and administration costs in relation to transacting business on an insurer’s behalf
  • Assimilate costs of implementing IT and security requirements of insurers to ensure online products are safely transacted for the consumer.

Lloyds Insurances Remuneration details.

Why Brokers Fees?

The consumer/client pays the broker a fee for the following benefits:

  • Researching the current insurance marketplace to provide the best advice on available policies and covers
  • Recommending the best product based on the consumer’s needs and budget
  • Explaining terms, conditions and warranties of a chosen policy to the consumer in plain English
  • Handling alterations to existing policies and following through with insurers to make sure changes are fully implemented
  • Assisting the consumer with claim handling and ensuring a satisfactory outcome for them
  • Providing consumers with replacement or duplicate documentation when required
  • Assisting with any complaints a consumer may have with a policy or service
  • Complying with the cost of significant regulatory directives from the Central Bank.

For more information see


Farm Insurance and how to choose the right policy

An interview for “That’s Farming” with Mervyn Lloyd, managing director of Lloyds Insurances.

The activities, work practices and lifestyles of farmers have changed considerably, over the past 40 years, and keeping pace with these changes means a shift in their insurance needs.

This has been the primary focus of Lloyds Insurances since its inception in 1982. Now considered one of the primary players in the liability insurance sector in Ireland, Lloyds has a dedicated team of professionals who aim to help the farmer find his/her way through the often-confusing range of cover and premiums on offer.

“We believe that farming is not just a business but an important rural lifestyle which is worth preserving and protecting.” explains Mervyn.

“As brokers, Lloyds Insurances will compare the market on your behalf to get you a competitive quote which is uniquely tailored to your individual needs.”

“Protection is key, as is minimising your risk exposure to unforeseen events. We recognize the challenges facing farmers today and because of our rural focus, we are ideally based to provide solutions to your insurance needs.”

“We understand the need to continue to operate effectively when something unexpected happens.” he added.

Our policies include a range of covers including:

  • Public liability;
  • Employers liability;
  • Farm dwelling;
  • Tractors and machinery;
  • Livestock;
  • All risks for equipment etc.

The need for adequate cover

“With the growing interest in all things rural, farm walks etc, it is very important that the farmer is adequately covered in the event that someone entering his or her lands has an accident or sustains an injury.”

“Once adequately covered, this should not lead to financial loss for any farmer.”

By the same token, farmers need protection from claims from employees – be they full-time, part-time, or casual.

The need for adequate cover must also be emphasized and in this respect, it is vitally important to avoid underinsurance, Mervyn adds.

“Very often your farm is not just your business, but also your home. Bear in mind that your home, outbuildings, farm buildings etc. should be properly covered for their replacement costs, in the unfortunate event of a total loss.”

“Again, this is where Lloyds Insurances can help, our years of experience means we are uniquely placed to advise on this potentially confusing area.”

“We will provide you with the information you need so that you can make a proper assessment of the value of your dwelling house, farm machinery or outbuildings etc. relevant to your circumstances.”

“We can help you decide what level of cover you need to protect your property. From damage caused by fire, flood, storm, theft, and more.”

“We can also help you assess the level of cover you require for contents including personal items. Here too it is very important that you are not in a situation where you are underinsured.”


A comprehensive farm insurance policy provided by Lloyds Insurances will also cover your livestock. The range of benefits include protection for your animals in case of fire, lightning, explosion, storm, electrocution, collapse of slats and livestock on-foot and in-transit.

If you are a pedigree breeder, cover can be provided for death or infertility.


“Most farmers will recognize the convenience of having vehicles, especially jeeps included in a single package giving a single renewal date.”

The long-established insurance specialist can offer third-party, fire and theft and comprehensive cover and can include cover for the jeep at a much-reduced price when it is included with the farm policy.


“Our comprehensive policies can also include loss of basic income, loss of milk, forestry cover, theft of tools, theft of diesel and all risks cover for specialist equipment.”

“One of the reasons you should consider choosing Lloyds Insurances for your farm policy, is that as an insurance broker we give you choice.”

“We examine all the options to provide you with a variety of cover and premiums to choose from.”

“We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, thereby ensuring you can depend on our high-level of experience and professionalism. We work in the best interests of Irish farmers.” Lloyd concluded.


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